Bandana Republic

30 07 2011
My 7 year old Alexander has always been a little different. We are now in the middle of what I am going to call the “Bandana Wars”. It all started innocently enough, Alex found a bandana I bought for his older brother’s class recital last year when he needed to look like a “cowboy”. It is now a faded white patterned bandana that has seen better days ( hey it only cost 2.00 originally). But Alex has developed an attachment to the bandana and wants to wear it everywhere. This afternoon he wore it into Publix old Western style around his mouth. I was worried we were going to be tackled by store security and mistaken for robbers but nothing happened. Just a few stares that I was painfully aware of. Alex often is eccentric about clothing mixing pajama bottoms and old t shirts if I do not select his clothing for him in advance. This bandana is reminiscent of the “red Jacket War” we had during the cold spell in Florida. Even when it was warm again he wore the red jacket every day and would not allow me to wash it.
I tried washing the bandana yesterday and when he found out he ran to the landry room plucked out of the still running washer and placed it in his pocket then proceeded to have a  class 6 melt-down in the parking lot when I would not let him wear it. I am willing to compromise with him. If he lets me wash the darn thing.

Natalie J. Casella


My family and our journey…

28 07 2011

We are a family of 6….4 kids plus mom and dad. Their ages are 16, 8, 3 and 2; so we are just a little busy. We started this journey with my 8 yr old when he was 3. Sensory issues were strong, mood swings, tantrums, etc. Evaluations were scheduled and nothing….We knew there was something but didn’t know what exactly was going on! I was his preschool teacher and VPK teacher so I tried to keep him calm and “under control” most of time….I said tried because sometimes just did not work.  Kindergarten and 1st grade were difficult….suspensions…..many of them….I knew my phone was going to ring soon after 8:30 am everyday and I had to rush to pick him up. At this point nothing was found and he was just a “spoiled” child that no one was able to control. It was difficult for all of us. I continue looking for the right answer. On 2009 he was diagnosed with Mood Disorder NOS and Anxiety but I never agreed with it and kept looking. I thought it was not a mood issue. I decided to switch schools when he was finishing 1st grade and it was a huge difference. He was happy and willing to go everyday. That ended soon enough and his tantrums started again. They did not call, they were able to handle the situations and he was able to control himself better. They were helpful and understanding. He started therapy; more like anger management and we were lucky enough to find the right person that questioned his diagnosed and thought that he had many issues similar to Asperger children. That is when an additional evaluation was done and here we are. I am not happy and it was a big shock to hear the word Autism but at least we know where to go and how to look….It is difficult, I had to stop my full-time job and decided to go back to Real Estate ( yes even in this market) because of the flexibility of the schedule; it has not been easy when you really need another income; but he comes first!  We have to go to doctor appointments, therapy sessions, etc and working FT I just could not do it; his behavior instead of getting better was getting worst and It was very difficult  to see him like that. It was affecting all of us, as a whole…as his family! We are not even half way done here….there is a possibility that my 3 yr old is in the Spectrum as well; we are living his 3 yr old times again with her.

Because of the isolation and lack of compassion of others and out society, I decided to contact other parents to see if we could have some type of support. Usually people relate to Autism  as nonverbal children; and the Aspie kids/high functioning kids get other labels and it is hard to make them understand that they have another “form ” of Autism ( i have tried to explain it in many ways to many people).   I was fortunate to find a some ladies…first Mary and then Natalie….I know this is going to be big…We need to stick together and let our kids know that we are behind them; the community needs to know that our kids are bright, smart and a bit different and accept them the way they are.

We need to SOAK ourselves with support, information and resources…Thanks for listening! 🙂

Our Journey!

27 07 2011

Thanks for Visiting!

We are a support group of parents and families with Asperger and High Functioning Autistic Children in Brevard County, FL also known as the Space Coast.

The purpose of the groups is to provide support among families and create awareness int he community.

Please send us a note to our email; anything about your life; your life with your aspie kids….how it is, how you feel, etc….we will be posting and sharing everyone experiences here. If you want to keep it private , just let us know, we will post it like that!

Hope to hear from you soon.